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"Tribes & Friends" Concept Edit

Some of you might have already noticed that I’m a big “Tribes” supporter and maybe even seen my concept edit over on Reddit, which I shared 3 months ago. Some time has past and we even got a new CM (Hey @Marcus ), so I thought I bring this concept up again here to get your feedback and hopefully make my dream come true!

Edit: I’m sorry that this format is a bit weird, but it should get bigger by clicking on the image.


I like this idea very much! It would be great.


Great ideas. In Jurassic World Alive, it costs a lot of coins to create an Alliance (Tribes equivalent) but nothing to join one.

So, applying same concept it should cost materials to create one. Coins aren’t premium currency in JWA, but are moderately hard to get a lot of, so let’s say it costs Iron.

Maybe 30k as that’s the max, and it’d give some long term players the chance to use it up for something, or build towards getting their own Tribe. The issue is, if we get a feature like this, do I do a riseofberk subreddit tribe, or a Ludia forums tribe? Oh no, I’m torn!


And what about the Discord Tribe? Oh no!

Iron is a only available for players above level 80. I think it should be available earlier. My suggestion might be a bit to little though. Maybe Tribes could be unlocked at around the first Titan stage.


Tribes itself would be unlocked around Titan stage sure. But you wouldn’t be able to make your own unless a higher level, I think that would work.


Yes, that would work. How about a friends list though. Make it a permanent feature instead of unlocking it together with Tribes?


The friends idea is good. I think it should be separate from Tribes as maybe you don’t want to join one (plus the implications of the game being targeted to an audience that includes 13 years olds and under opens up some complications with adding friends/sending messages that Ludia will want to try and prevent) but do want to add Friends.

On another game I play, you can visit your friends town and get some (equivalent of) Wood/Fish/Runes so maybe that would be a possible way of doing that, or working with your Tribe to do a Gobber mission to unlock a dragon for the whole Tribe.


Like I said, I have some more ideas about Tribe activities for example Tribe games (every member can do special quests to obtain points which lead to a reward for all members) or other Brawl/Defend activities which I could make a concept for as well.

But since I don’t want to waste quite a lot of my time to edit a concept about those without even knowing if Tribes will be implemented, I’ll wait for a Tribe update (or the confirmation of one) before creating a new concept edit. Thanks for understanding.


Those are also some of my thoughts. I played quite a lot of building games (games where you advance with your town/farm/etc.) and got some inspiration from those, but also have some ideas myself. I think every of those games has a friends list of some sort while not everyone has Tribe features.

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