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Triceratops cant go to Sanctuary

Hey, new to the game. I just got a triceratops, one of my faves. Seems semi rare in my area, so I wanted to throw it in a sanctuary to farm up DNA.

Unfortunately its greyed out, when I try to put it in the game tells me dinosaurs in a team cant be put in.

But it’s not on any of my teams? Anyone else have this problem or know a solution? Pics included for proof.

Check your “tournament” team. Happened to me with rex. Rex wasn’t on my team! But she was auto chosen on the tournament team

You’re right that seems to be what happened. I didnt even know tournament teams were a thing. I dont even have enough eligible dinosaurs to make an 8 person team.

So correct me if I’m wrong but, that means I cant take any of these dinosaurs off the team because theres nothing to replace them with.

Meaning effectively I cant do anything with them.

This seems like an oversight for new players if that’s the case.