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Triceratops Revamped (And idea in general)

A completely different triceratops, an offensive epic ceratopsian.

*Note, ultimate stunning rampage has a 2 turn delay

Q. Ultimate stunning rampage? Isn’t that unbalanced?
A. No, fierce creatures will take it out before it can use it.

Q. Why not call this a gen 3? Aren’t gen 2’s different to begin with?
A. While they would both be in-game, think of this as an alternate form to triceratops. If a revamp is implemented, both the gen 1 and revamp would have the same level (in this case, triceratops revamped can’t be created until triceratops is level 11) and stat boosts. You could switch which one you want with an arrow by the AR button. Both would also make different hybrids.

Q. Would there be a stegoceratops and monostegotops revamped?
A. No. Triceratops revamped would have its own hybrids. (previously stated!)

How do you like this idea of revamps?

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How would you rate this triceratops’ power?

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  • Needs Slight Nerf
  • Balanced
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