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Trick or Treat Chests - Difficult

Hi Team,

Just wanted to send a heads up for feedback on the Trick or Treat Chests.

Time: It took about 1hr to complete this task compared to the normal supply box events.

Drop Rate: That being said - there were a significant portion of the chests that were definitely “trick” and empty. Of the 100-150 or so chests I opened on a 32 mile trip, more than 7 of 10 didn’t have items. I somehow cleared the 6 Food drops in my first 25 boxes, but then it was a grueling hunt to hit the Interact and Toy section. Chests seemed about 82% empty after those first 6 Food drops.

Difficulty: I don’t think this would be your intent although since you mentioned new events to challenge players - this could fall into this group. I found this event difficult because of the low drop chance and the spacing of the boxes.

Accessibility: I normally hunt at night in the city, but to find enough boxes for this the freeway was the only place giving us enough ground to cover. A caveat on accessibility: I live in a city where the freeway goes in a large circle around a lake which takes about 35 minutes in no traffic. The respawn time of the chests was also 30 minutes. This to me presents a hurdle of how sprawling these chests spawn. If I didn’t have a circle route which covered such high milage I would have either ended up 30 miles from my stop point or had been unable to complete the event should I double back after 15 miles. Something to think about.

Final thoughts: This event certainly had a trick or treat feel - especially doing it at nighttime. I went to parts of the city I don’t normally go to and felt very much like I was trick or treating. If it wasn’t for the patch being so close to such a new and difficult event (minus 1 hr to opportunity time), I think it would have been quite challenging and reasonable.

Thanks for the new content! :slight_smile:

I like these because yesterday I got loaded up on sanctuary items from them.