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Trick to getting less 10 fusions


I thought I saw a thread about a trick to it. Can anyone share?


Take the Dino(and any fuse materials) off your team before you fuse

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Used to work anyway I still do it out of habit so dunno


I tested long strings of fuses months ago where is consistently got more dna per fuse when I made sure the dinos involved in the fuse were not in my team of eight. It was reproducible many times. I only wish I had screen recorded it.

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It’s legit like its coded to jip the rolls on your A team! Not very nice!


Thanks guys


Interesting. Had my best fuses while on my team actually. 100 for stegotops, 100 for anky, 70 Indom, 70 stegodeus. I love how the 10’s bunch up right at the finish line.

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One of these days I’ll get another device and make a throw away account just to test it over hundreds of fuses.


I tried it and so far I’ll just say thank you for the advice

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Than why do I still get lots of 10 when doing indoraptor? indomminus raptor or trex are not on my team


Trust me put those on team and fuse and you will get non stop 10s or could be the uniques are coded to always jip on fuses !?


It’s always possible to get lots of 10s in a row. It’s just the way it is. When fusing something that you typically only have enough dna for a single fuse, you can’t see the trends.

Try it for for something like Eini where you can easily have enough dna to make 20 or more fuses back to back, and you can start to see the trends. That’s when I noticed a difference between being in the team and not being on the team.

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Interesting I’ll try that. There was a thread saying click on them to cause them to raw then fuse at same time. But not had much luck with that one. I know they do two different actions but unsure wether it’s a certain one it needs to be


Yeah I started saving enough DNA for fuzing to create new legendaries in one fuse session rather than do little bits at a time. Have found average of 20 DNA fused on creatures on A team but average of 30-40 DNA per fuse if they are not in the team slots


That’s consistent with what I’ve seen.


Interesting. So I had enough dna to fuse Stegoceratops 8 times.

I kept stegoceratops on my team of 8 and had none of the fuse dinos on my team. I did 4 fuses and got 10, 20, 10, 10.

Then I took stegoceratops off my team and did the other 4 fuses and I got 50, 40, 40, 10.

Could be coincidence but maybe not.

However, I had 3 fuses for Postimetrodon, i took it off my team, and got 10, 20, 10.


All I know for CERTAIN is when all you have left to go is 50 or less, you will get strings of 10’s :rage: And then come up 10 short :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Then on the final fuse where you only need 10, it gives you 40.


Exactly!!! Forgot to add that last gem. So very true lol


My hardest time is when creating the Hybrid. Get more 10’s before it’s alive. Clearly not on my team at that point.