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Tricks to getting coins without spending $?


I’m at a point in the game where everything that I need to level is 50,000+ in coins or 6-7 legendary that I need to level the ingredients to 15. I’m actually ok on DNA it’s just the coins are my limiting factor. I can normally get 10,000-15,000 coins from my average commute + incubators but I feel like I’m always out of coins which stops me from making any real progress. I hunted a few hours a day for treasure chests but most of them only had 300-600 coins in them. After realizing I spent $350 real dollars on this game with “oh just this once” purchases I refuse to put any more real money into it… anyone have any tricks for getting more coins faster?


Battles,coin chase,green stops normal stops treasure chests and only upgrade what you need to