Tricky 2 heads impervious to damage

I keep encountering tricky 2 heads that stop taking damage. Tile nor special will damage for a few turns. At 1st I thought game was applying end of turn heal before damage taken off, but further watching shows this not to be the case.
The game shows damage numbers not misses but trickys life stops decreasing.

This could be related to why tricky causes game crashing

And no, there was no bonus health at the time

Thanks for letting us know, @Talisax. Is this only for specific battles? Our team would be happy to take a closer look at this. If you haven’t already, could you email our team here at with your support key? Thanks!

I’ve had it in different battles with tricky. I’ve suspected at other times with other dragons, but never paid enough attention. This time I caught it as tricky had no life bar and would survive multiple hits so I paid attention and watched hp each hit.
Support jas been contacted in game

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I’ve seen this too.