Tried dropping arenas; sry, not sry

First impression, marshes has a lot better dinos than I remember. Wanted to try lower leveled dinos that actually excite me to play with while there (welcome change, no smoke at devs) getting incs took longer than expected due to dinos at higher levels and piloted by good players. Got tired of losing with the C team and unlocked a Thor tonight (all praise be unto SandDunes) so I swapped in the A team and am quite enjoying the slaughter. Sorry, not sry.



You mad lad

Id of done the same but it takes time to lose aswell. Plus you get less dna and less coinage

I was all fine and dandy with you dropping until I saw that Draco g2 on your team. Disgusting.


Yesterday I lost a battle over the 4800 with a Team that among other “little animals” had a Stegodeus of 30, a Tragodistis of 28 and Indoraptor of 28. I guess someone who first went down and now goes back up. I also faced a rival with commons of 1 and level 20. Luckily they are exceptions. I have never lowered the level though, but I think that is different, I want to incorporate a few days the Dracorex Gen 2 and some bleeding like the Dimodactylus to try them.

I dropped way down on purpose, needed specific DNA.
Not sorry.
In my experience, you get whatever arena and below DNA, not whatever arena you’ve been in and below.

Far greater chance of getting the specific DNA you want than staying in the highest arena achieved.

Also, the game is far more fun to play with creatures that are not the A team.

Agreed @Jonny5

I totally agree as well…I have a bunch of cool dinos that arent strong enough to put on my team in the Arena I’m in, but I like them and wish I could use them… :slight_smile:

I drop arena’s as well. Needs to be a change in the way dna is given out at area levels for this to change. I put in all my level 5 and lower dinos and drop fast. Then I only natter to fill incubator spots.

If there was some option to allow us to choose which dna we wanted from the battle incubators this would stop people dropping arena levels.

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I welcome the droppers to ~4000. They put in a nice varied team and are actually fun to battle. Even when they put in their ‘bully team’ to climb back up, makes for some really fast loses!

Most of my battles are over in less than a minute when I drop arenas…lol…Hopefully makes the other person happy to get an easy incubator.

If there was a chance to choose which arena to fight in, playing “unranked” battles in a sort of “arcade mode”, with also some level cap in the different arenas, there would be no more droppers in my opinion and this would allow players to enjoy a way greater number of dinos, giving much more variability to the game . I also would love the chance to play my “not so strong to be in A team” dinos, but i don’t like at all the idea of losing on purpose…put yourself in the opponent’s shoes, what kind of fun is there to fight someone who wants to lose on purpose and who fight maybe with low level dinos to do it fast??

Yes, I get those folks also. They are quick with really low level Dino’s. I would prefer a solid B team though, so I can have a bit of fun, even if I only battle for incubators. I change my team up down here so I get to battle with the top 15 or so on my stable.

Lol, Draco g2 gets no love?

Me playing dead then sending the little giant slayer trotting out like a boss…


I’m still not convinced the incubators are much better. I managed to get 2 12hrs that were actually both pretty good, but that could be a coincidence. I got this one right as I hit Lockwood this morning. I was hoping for DNA from the arena right below it, so initially I wished it would’ve come 1 win sooner. The contents made me not care but there still doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason to it to me yet.

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My 12 hour rare incubator from badlands gave me erlik gen 2 and ornitho :unamused:

So much for my irritator farming :man_shrugging:t4:

Sry to hear the bro. This one had bird DNA, so is it all just random once unlocked??

It’s slow, it can die easily, and it’s rampage only is 1087 at level 11.

1702 at 20. The maths are nice and easy since shields and armor don’t really factor in.