Tried the raptor scent capsule tonight

For 200 hard cash it got me 7 vraptors 1 Utah 1 echo and 1 charlie… I’d say that was worth it… I didn’t move so max I was able to get was 10 dinos… I’d take 7 Raptors at 16 meters whilst not having to move any day


I have been thinking about it too, but was hoping someone was braver than I, lol… Thanks for the data!

I tried it tonight and got nothing. Not one dinosaur.

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No problem had the extra cash and I could always use more raptor dna for my indo

I tried the raptor scent spawn tonight. Not one dinosaur not one. I want my money back.

Are you sure your phones time is ok? Remember same problem with incense for some players in PoGo, cause time wasn’t set right.


My phone’s time is on time

Some providers don’t have set clock right. Can be just 10 to 20 seconds difference, but can cause problem with games.

I’ve done two, good bit of raptors, few of the raptor squad, 2 utahraptors, and even 1 pyroraptor.

they are probably better used during the day. you can dart them normally at night.

is indoraptor a raptor? will it be attracted by the raptor scent?

Popped open a scent tonight got 2 Echo (435 dna) one delta (207dna) and the rest were Velociraptors (5231 dna) actually a great deal when you consider a rare incubator costs 900$ and gets you 699 rare and 4229 common dna…most of it garbage. I will use every bit of the Velo DNA. Liked the Halloween one better with the Tany/Velo combo but these 200$ scents are pretty swesome.

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that’s what happened to me tonight. 20 minutes of staring at my screen with nothing appearing.