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Tried to buy a dragon and some pathways moments before the event ended (edit: or so I thought)

I decided to get a few more leaves from Gobber so I could get one more extra pathway but that was my big mistake. When I tried to buy the 1500 leaves dragon and a few pathways, I was disconnected and I lost the leaves and the purchases. Lesson: never leave things until last moment. (Also, the event timer for me said there were still 3-4 days remaining for me. Was it bugged or is the timer not for when the event ends?)

Edit: turns out I was dumb and didn’t realise it had just been removed from news/events section. The disconnect was just bad luck. Lesson: when deciding to pick up the game again after 6 years, check the update logs.

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Sorry to hear about your glitches. Believe me, you aren’t dumb at all. I can’t speak about how the game was 6 years ago but I can’t imagine it being any worse than it is now. Sub par programming, some isn’t even done in house, plus a complete lack of support whenever any problems arise. Ludia simply ignores you until they think you have gone away…

Good luck with your return to the game and welcome to the forum!

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