Trifecta or quadfecta

Have you had one of those battles where you were totally dominated and didn’t have a prayer to save yourself? Or had a hat trick yourself, where your opponent couldn’t do anything but throw in the towel?!
Post your best and worst moments!

Utahsino literally 3KO the opponent in that one

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When 1.7 first launched I managed to have Thor win 3 - 0 without the other player getting of a single attack, flawless victory, but it was Thor so not that impressive…was my first one.
The player opened with Indo and went evasive, Thor one shot it through evasion with a crit. Next be brought out Indom and cloaked and got one shot through it. He then brought out Tryo and went ready to crush and got one shotted =/ He did no damage.

Same thing happened to me last week, my first flawless loss…which was also against a Thor.

I felt bad in both situations!

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In the old versions around 1.4 and 1.5 I would pull quite a few 3-0’s with stegodeus and stegocera

The only recent one I’ve had was with my super Tryo

They started with a boosted miragaia, I RtC’d and he panic swapped right off first turn to purutaurus thinking I’d go ferocious strike

Rampage one shot

Then he brought back miragaia, then swapped immediately in a damage boosted dracorat

Ferocious crit one shot

Brought in an Indom, cloaked

Rampage crit one shot

Though to be fair, the matchmaking should’ve never had him in that match, it was in no way even so I don’t take too much credit snagging the sweep


I read this title and the words hurt my head, so I tapped on it and, honestly I haven’t played in so long I don’t even remember my last battle.

Just yesterday I got 3-0ed by a Erlidom.
I opened with a slower magna, got crit killed and then could not get through the cloak.
I actually chuckled and said to myself aloud. “I got nuthin.”
I’ve also 3-0ed people that have no answer to my Magna.
They are rare though. You or your opponent need to draw a really bad hand for it to happen.

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what you ask is to show you the actual matchmaking if i understand well…