Trimetrodon JWA

This is a hybrid between Triceratops gen2 and Dimetrodon gen2. My friend wanted to put stunning obstruction on it but I didn’t really want to.
(It was supposed to be a legendary)
(Also it a level 16)

I hope you like it :slight_smile:


I’d add Immunity to Stun and Vulnerable, and take off the resistance to DoT. Also post stats at level 26, it makes it easier to balance. You were correct in not giving it Stunning Obstruction, it doesn’t need it. Also I would make Resilient Strike into Resilient Impact. The rest looks decent, just change the stats to being level 26 and see how well the other changes look to you and your friend.

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Level 16 is legendary, unique is level 21

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um may i ask why ts’ a unique when its made of 2 commons? in minimum is should be a rare hybrid and MOST and epic unique may be too much

Its a legendary my friend accidently put the unique thing.

Dracocertops and monolometrodon?

check you photo its 2 commons

I wanted to put stun, and vulnerable but not DOT. I told my friend not to do that….

Draceratops and monolometrodon are made of 2 commons.

oh it supposed to be a legendary

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on the photo-just check the photo for a sec plz

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you did triceratops gen2 and dimetrodon gen2

Yeah it was an accident.

oh so it is a unique

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No. He accidently made it unique.

so how is legendary+legendary=legendary?

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Its 2 commons not legendarys

ok yes i completely forgot about dracoRAT and monometro

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so it makes sense :slight_smile:

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