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Tripfire dragon - I have a 3 star max trained Tripfire at level 937. Has it reached max level as it doesn’t seem to be increasing when I try to level up further?


If its ability is not level 10 yet - you can keep feeding it dragons for a chance to raise it. After it’s maxed out - you can no longer progress with that dragon.


Are you sure? Cause I have been leveling up my 2 :star2: Deadly Nadder even after the ability and level was at Max.

She’s a little over 600 BP and still climbing


Its not.maxxed. the bar grays put. You must have trained it or something or still have levels to go


Thanks all. I’ve used loads and loads of dragons/fish and the levels are going up…very slowly!!


Ah okay then. Sucks that it stops at some point, but I guess it makes sense.