Triple threat

What happens when you greater stunning rampage, then rampage and run followed up by a distracting rampage?


Im waiting to see this combo end with swap in DSR

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Lol yes!!! I need to figure out how to make that happen.

That level 29 Eniasuchus :thinking:

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Yeah :eyes: hits so hard…

Rampage and run + swap in DSR must be the craziest combo in the game, 4 X damage in one shot and in the meantime completes an automatic swap.

I-Rex have to go for cloak, waste a turn, and hoping RNG is on its side, and hoping opponent doesn’t switch in a dino that has shield or null, and finally can dish out its non defense shattering 4 X damage.


You get a salty opponent

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Last I checked, you were using utasino. That is fast🤔

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Figured out a team that works for me finally lol.

Well played! You totaly anticipated the heal instead of going quick strike to finish.

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Thank you!!