Troll damage

I’ve progressed passed the third area now, I’ve beaten the hidden forge. One monster in particular seems to hit way to hard even on my characters of the same level and that is trolls. They can 1 turn my warlock bard wizard and ranger my wizard and warlock have 1400 hp at level 8 and still get 1 turn killed by a level 8-9 troll. Please lower the damage they do, thank you.

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Yup, trolls can be nasty. Thankfully, their pull attack is on a cooldown.

I suggest prioritizing them with disarm attacks to ensure they can’t kill you, or taunt on the Fighter/Barbarian so that they can (hopefully) soak up the damage. Don’t be afraid to adjust your party to what you know you’ll encounter in campaign mode!

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I am 100% aware of how to deal with monsters in an RPG. But it doesn’t matter what you try to do if the troll goes first and decides he likes the look of the character that isn’t a tank. Best way to fix it is put the pull on a cool down first turn. Or just lower the damage

There is one right answer to this question, without exception. Tone down that damage or make it a pull only. As it is, the troll pulls (which does a lot of damage) and then attacks (which does a ton of damage) and kills any of my party on the first turn. Add the rooms with traps on tops of this that they pull you in to and it’s a wrap.

This needs to be toned down, no argument, full stop. No tactics can save you when the troll goes first.

Truth too many times before you can do anything at all the Troll will one shot half your team. No strategy around that. You have no choice.

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I find it easier to use the line up to do Hidden Forge, the screenshots is where I am at at the moment.