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Tromokranixus, The Terror of the Night

As you can see, I love scary hybrids, considering this guy and Ornithovoces are meant to be absolutely terrifying. And hey, Tanycolagreus seems to work well as a fear inducing hybrid component. Tromokranixus’s name roughly translates to “Terror of the Night”, and grows up to 23 feet in length. This makes it the smallest Spinosaurid and allows for it to perform some very unique dodging capabilities. Its nose and eyes are incredibly sensitive, making things like Evasion and Cloak useless against it. If it wants to hit you, it will hit you. With a face as scary as this, you wish you were able to hide from the Terror of the Night.

This hybrid is designed to utilize Ready to Crush in a much more effective way than usual, while also being built to hit its opponents 100% of the time. Its health is low enough that it can’t usually get off its big hit more than one time. Most creatures wouldn’t be able to handle its raw strength, other than Stunning, but this guy would probably be the creature you would open the match with, get in the first kill, and let die. I did some simulated battles, and it could even take on Ardentismaxima quite well, but still be left with barely any HP once it finishes taking on any dinosaur, thus making it relatively simple to kill after that.



Love it. Basically precise shattering rampage is what I would suggest definite rampage can be turned into.

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Considering it has Ready to Crush, Long Dodge could also work instead of Sidestep, although it doesn’t have the speed buff.

Long Dodge could work but I prefer Sidestep because of the speed buff