Troodoboa or Thor?

So I’ve created both, boosted both, and now I don’t know who to pick. I personally like Troodoboa since he was released and worked really hard for him, but since Thor’s new buff, I feel forced to use him now. Pretty sure Troodoboa can beat an unboosted Thor. What do you guys think?

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Troodo for PVP
Thor for Raids

Thanks! Also, what raids is Thor viable for? I don’t really do raids and have no Apex

Unique ones i guess

Also i have a Thor with boosts and he’s lvl 21

I have one at this much

For some reason I can’t upload pictures right now, but mine is level 23 with one HP boost and one damage boost. Probably not good enough for any raid yet…

Do u use JWA toolbox?that might help u find every creature and it is good for finding creatures stats

If you’re in aviary, thor

I’m not a betting human (or non-human :smirk: ) but I would put my money on Thor getting nerfed again

It destroys everything except itself in aviary

Actualy no, it destroys Itself