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Troodon needs a buff

Troodon my real favorite dinosaur has finally made it into the game but looking at it I think it needs a total rework

1 the most important the colour, it should have its iconic black and white and glowing light bulbs eyes please change it fans like me really like the design it’s the most creamiest creature in the whole franchise (maybe that’s why they can’t add it)
2 troodon is missing its wounding ability in Jwe it can have toxic bites
In jptg it c paralyze it’s victim
So it needs a dot ability or a super distract
3 it’s a epic so maybe the stats needs improving

Part 2
In jptg it hunted in Super packs so it should have group ability either

  • Group stalk *
    Team cleanse
    Increase crit chance by 50% increase get 100% change to dodge 67%

  • Group wound *
    Opponent team
    Wound 33% for 3 turn

  • group weakening *
    Opponent team
    Deal 1× crit redustion 100% distract 50%
    Make opponents team vulnerable for 3 turns

Which move
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

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I still support it being more like Telltale’s version. That would be the ultimate buff. Go vote in my thread to support buffing it. I immediately lobbied for that after seeing its cuteness announced. After 2 years I’m so happy to finally get it.


Agreed to u!!!

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Please Ludia! For once do what we want and make dinosaurs strong! I’m tired of seeing Cenozoic creatures be broken to heck while the dinosaurs get bodied hard


group weakining should have vulnerable

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OK thanks for the idea a

It’s not even in the game yet. Let’s actually see how it performs.

We know all the stats so it’s about the same as having it