Troodon’s first step into a huge ferocity

The game seemed to be anxious for this day, especially Carno himself. The little raptor paced around his cage in agony as park owner Troodon looked at his level 30 eve for what might be forever…

Then this happened

Insta fusing him,Carnoboy felt pretty proud as he looked at his new self. Park owner Troodon proudly looked on as he fed him nice and well.

Troodon decided to take him on a small walk, Small, but a meaningful one. He fought bravely in 3 battles risking himself to take claim of all 3:

Troodon wished he could stay longer. He couldn’t help but it had to be done, for the sake of his lineup, so he took two meaningful pictures before he left the park:

And then, with some remorse, he was taken to the creation lab and came out as:

Although not as cute as Carno, Troodon was proud at that moment too. A new stepping scale of his lineup.

Troodon bought 3 more of these to help his lineup grow and strengthen.

And of course you want to know where he sits , he’s at the very top:

And that will now change his lineup balance dramatically. Since Diplosuchus this was no ferocity jump like this done before in the history of the lineup…

One month has passed since preparing for for him, and he will guide my lineup in every step of the way. :smiley:


Heres the full video from the 3rd Modded match:


Really nice lineup troodon… But are you planning to make all your diplosuchus to lvl 11 or just one😂 also are you gonna get monostegotops in the near future?

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One to lv 11 for now rn, once I get another Diplo second to 11

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Aw man my guess of tapej was wrong :frowning:
Congrats on dime!


Thanks my man ! :partying_face:

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Congrats! Wish I had carno unlocked. Still waiting for the unlocks of both ingredients 🥲 little jealous over here! Have fun with your new SDNA Dino! Let the slaughter begin🥳


Ah dont worry my man :wink: Pyroraptor is the easiest to come by

And thanks !! :partying_face::partying_face: In just about another month this will happen again, except it’s not 1, but 2.