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Troodon Tournament 10/09/2020-10/12/2020 Official

The old thread got derailed. Please, continue the previous discussion in the Off-Topic Thread.

I did not close the thread, the Moderators did. I predicted this would happen. Please, please, let us continue the off-topic discussions in the thread made separately for it.

Off-topic posts in the old thread started off in light fun but escalated to such an extent that it overshadowed the intended Tournament discussions.

The Moderators had also warned about this earlier. Please do not trouble them further. I implore that only Tournament discussions be made in this thread.


Why did u fury uhh

We were talking about the tournament and raptors lineup

Ya sorry bout that, my fault. I started it. Anyways, needing troodon for later, so will try to get it.


I have no control over locking a thread, the Moderators do. That is precisely why I kept reminding that the discussion was going off-topic.

Happy to see a new thread. How are people’s prizes so far? I’ve gotten pretty lucky, getting two 1000 DNAs in back-to-back battles. Maybe this will be the time I get the elusive top prize pack. Nah, who am I kidding, it’ll never happen!


Don’t lose hope yet @ApexRogers, we still have almost 3 days to go! Who knows, you may land on that Troodon pack soon. :wink:

As for me, the best prize so far has been 375 DNA, a few coins and food. So far no luck, but I do not have any expectation from the Spin Wheel that’s why I do not mind landing on even the worst prize lol.


So how long do you guys think I should wait before battling in tournament again? I’m definitely not doing it as soon as my cooldown’s refreshed, I’m just gonna get stomped again. I’m 200 trophies Predator 20 with my rotation ferocity being 1651, 1457, 1450, 1450, 1420, 1245.

Best prize so far was 100 DB, nothing else really of note.


I would say if your team can’t compete in high Predator, wait for it to drop down to lower Predator/high Hunter before battling again, you could also just keep trying to battle with your best team just to get a feel for the battles that you’ll face often but it might just be a waste of 5 DB and 3 creatures. Hopefully someone else can you give you a better idea on what to do.


Yeah that’s basically my problem right now, I’m not really willing to throw in my top dinos just to test the waters, especially since I got completely destroyed last match, and also when I have other events I could be using those dinos for. But at the same time I really don’t want to drop all the way down to Hunter and try to climb again because I’d need to do matches a lot more frequently

To be honest, the only solution at this point would be to build you lineup to a higher ferocity and then to deepen said lineup, that way can finish events and still participate in the Tournament

Yup. Working on that. On the bright side, Claim Your Territory and the s-DNA event aren’t exactly the most rewarding, so I don’t mind skipping those for a tournament. Earth Shattering, on the other hand…

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The difficulty of my battles this tournament once I got to dominator has been way higher than in previous tournaments. I’ve been getting opponents with one last evolution VIP and then two level 40 tournament creatures almost every match. Just a few of the examples is below

Is this because I’ve reached a new level where the difficulty has risen or am I bringing creatures that used to be strong enough and are now too weak, giving me the matches where I’m well outclassed?

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It’s been a long day for me, but this tournament really made me feel better. At 5:30 pm IST (tourney start time) I did my first run. Right now I had two teams out of cooldown so I fought using them both, and I was once again less than 30 cups away from the first spot, similar to my condition on the first run.

So I bought another team off cooldown heheh (no worries, each dino cost around 12 bucks so no harm done). With Dasavatharam music in the background and a good refreshing Tournament run after two long stressful weeks, I enjoyed myself today.


Wow what is happening? Is this what I’m supposed to be playing in Predator 40? And wow I actually was 1 point away from winning that too lol

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It isn’t uncommon to get a random very difficult battle anywhere in the top half of pred give or take.


So can I keep going with that lineup when it comes off cooldown? Or should I still be waiting until I drop to low Predator to keep going?

I guess what I’m asking is, is that what I’m supposed to find every match now?

Yeah, that is a somewhat standard upper Pred match.

I’d keep trying every time they come off cool down.