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Troodon Tournament 10/09/2020-10/12/2020

Ladies and Gentlemen!


We are proud to welcome!!

more fanfare

A new apex creature!

loud cheering


cheering like there’s no tomorrow


dramatic suspense

Surpriseeeee!! It’s not a Gen 2! :new_moon_with_face:

Personally I need Troodon but I really hoped for a new carnivore – oh well. I’m still okay with it, I need these to make Yudon since I have 2 overall and one additional in this pack on Monday, so I need to buy 5 more of him. I have 5-6 Yutyrannuses so Yudon won’t be very difficult.

But let’s not lose hope yet, the eye of Troodon looks different to the one in the banner. I think the new carnivore might either debut next week or as a Solid Gold creature.


I have prepare DNA for buy it after unlocked it.( 4 per week)


Glad youl be joining us once again at the dominator table fury :facepunch:


Ohhh yeah… Lightning’s ready :zap:


My exams end tomorrow (easy one, I’ve prepared) and on Friday I literally will be playing the Tournament to unlock Troodon, and very soon Yudon since I’ve been drooling over it ever since I saw it in the game back in March.

Seeing Yutyrannus as a battle stage unlock made me very happy and knowing that Troodon was a CoT option made me happier in my early months of playing The Game.

I did not know back then that by the time I was almost ready for Yudon, even if it is at level 1, I would also be ready to get Dominator finishes in (Jurassic) tournaments. Bring it on!


Hoping I can get troodon this time. Barely missed the mark, but now with a few better creatures, this should work for me. My first Jurassic tournament hopefully!


If you see the starting screen, it’s still showing new apex creature is on the way.
I don’t think Trodon is the one which they are talking about.
It has to be a NEW creature.


And I hope it’s not a VIP Creature. I don’t want it to be a VIP Creature :cry:


Its probably gonna debut next week…

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Looks like I could have saved some dna had I waited a week. Not complaining though as I’ll need another for the Yudon badge.


I need to replace my Troodon after making this creature awhile back…


That’s where I’m going. And planning it has made me realise that we could really do with a herbivore with those stats.


Ooooh nice! :fire: Now that I think of it, I’m probably not that much upset over it not being what I expected — Tarbosaurus. But I wanted Yudon since I started playing and it’s sooo within my grip now :relieved:


Right on @Jurassic_Fury some tournaments are bittersweet. They may not meet our initial expectation, but can always be a stepping stone to a greater goal.


You’re absolutely right! I did not join the game on time for a tournament or clash for Troodon, but I’m glad that they offered it at the time I have a decent lineup :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m gonna put 2 more of these in the hatchery soon ready for this weekends tournament, pteraquetzal and zalmonodon il be ready for you :facepunch:


Hey everyone! I’m a little new around here so i hope I’m posting this in the right spot. So I started playing again (hadn’t since 2018) and I’ve been saving bucks and really want Yudon. I just wanted to send my top lineup so I can get some pointers like if I should even attempt this or not. (I got indonimus lvl 20 because I maxed my Rex before they changed the battle stage unlocking system).


Yay! Troodon! I really want one!

Oh wait I can’t even make it out of low Predator yet :sob:


Welcome to the forum @Wcfowler5! I feel that your lineup till the Dimorphodon may be able to squeeze out some wins by luck, but not sure if the bucks and the lineup ferocity will be able to suffice.

Don’t worry though, Yutyrannus is at stage 87 and Troodon is a frequent Clash Of Titans choice so Yudon will not be very difficult once you’re above level 60 for CoT and above level 87 for Yutyrannus.

I would say deepen your lineup further if you want good Dominator victories, your first three creatures will have around 95% win rate but maybe not the rest. Have more Indominuses at level 20 and consider having a higher level Koolasaurus (somewhere between 21 to 30) but just enough to match the ferocity of your Indominus. Also consider having some nice Pterosaurs to back up, if you have Suchoripterus unlocked then go for it.

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Thanks for the feedback @Jurassic_Fury! This is very helpful. I understand, so I should expand a lineup with let’s say 12 Dino’s around the 2000 health range and 500 ferocity range.

I would love to add a carnoraptor to the lineup but pyroraptor hasn’t been in rare rumble in a while and I’m worried I might be too high level.

My first instinct for my apparent pterosaur problem was suchoripterus, but I haven’t unlocked suchimimus. And I don’t have monolophosaurus (I prob spelled that wrong) so the other hybrid isn’t an option for now at least.

So which should I invest my resources in first? Indonimus or koolasaurus? And just for future reference, how many bucks would I need with my lineup to finish in dominator (I’m not gonna buy any, Ludia isn’t getting my money today)?

Thanks again, this was super helpful.

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Okay, so there might be mixed responses but here is what I feel…

  1. Work on Koolasaurus first. Good Amphibians in your team can make the difference between victory and defeat, if you’re split between working on a Carnivore and Amphibian then take the Amphibian.

  2. Monolophosaurus is a frequent unlock event choice, so if you really want to get him for unlock I would suggest you not to level up till his event shows up (the weekly calendar which’ll be up at 12:30 am IST Monday will inform you what’s the unlock and for which level bracket).

  3. Having a good, deep lineup means that apart from entry fee, you won’t have to spend a single buck on anything in Tournament matters. If you have enough creatures to complete PvE as well as Tournaments and also you are able to go 6 hours or more without affecting your rank or trophy count pace much, consider the job done.

This is just what I think would be good option(s), but other experienced players might suggest otherwise so before going for my tips, I’d recommend that some of the experienced players also pass their view.

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