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Troodon Tournament - 9/13/19 - 9/16/19

This weeks tournament creature is Troodon!
What I think about it can you find here: Weekly schedule 9/9-9/15

Good luck to all of you :four_leaf_clover::beetle:

I feel like this is the 3rd Troodon tournament we’ve had this year. Wasn’t this a CoT recently as well? Can’t we get a Bananogmius unlock!? Elusive devil!


That’s true…Troodon was offered 2 times for Clash of Titans and now there is the tournament… Ludia why not Yutyrannus , Erlikosaurus or a new creature like Brachy!

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Well I need it. Only just started finishing In dominator recently and never managed to get into CoT.

A lot of people will probably be very happy to see this tournament.

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I’ve got a level 30 that needs upgrading, plus a second to (eventually) make Yudon. So, I don’t mind an additional copy. Troodon wouldn’t have been my first choice, but I can only complain so much since I need seven more copies

Well, I’m STILL not gonna bother playing tournaments, but at least I’ll be able to do the Tournament Aftermath of this one, seeing as I got one lvl10 Troodon from prize drop a long time ago.

What is the point of these tournaments? I busted my but on Noodasarus and finally finished in Dominator, waited 6 days to hatch him and he sucks! Even at level 40, (which I have no idea how it will ever get there) he still won’t be one of my top 10 dinos… I was expecting him to be competitive at level 10. Now I will never use him.

For some of us it’s not only getting dinos for fights, it’s just the fun to collect them.


That’s so true!!! We maybe don’t need them all for battles, but we like to collect them and have them in our park.


And it is possible that there will be a tournament with rules or a special event where it can be useful.
Who knows.


@Joe_Litzinger welcome to the forums, the tournaments serve a few purposes.

1 It allows you to unlock the creature making it available for future purchase with DNA in the Market.

2 The tournament is a good place to farm DNA and sometimes other resources, but DNA has a 54% chance at being your reward for Dominator battle wins. The pack you get for ending in Dominator is a great pack especially for VIP players as it awards 1,300 VIP points which gets doubled to 2,600 plus the possibility at three 500 DB cards.

3 It’s a chance to test your lineup and battle strategy against Ludia’s algorithm to see how you stack up against what Ludia feels you need to be in the “top 1% of players”.

I am sure there are other reasons but those are the top three for me.

Also to note, currently any unique/tournament legendary that is not a hybrid is just something nice to collect and look at as with the introduction of Hybrids they became battle obsolete. But what you don’t know is if Ludia will ever create a hybrid using that creature and if they do it would be a bummer if you didn’t already have it unlocked. And like what @Tommi said you don’t know when Ludia will decide to make a future tournament or a simple event where the rules would make this a valuable creature to have unlocked and leveled up to compete or complete said event.


The tournament starts tomorrow! I hope it’s only 3 days! But when it’s a 4 day again, I’ll definytly skip it! I’m happy that I have a Troodon, so that I can do the Tournament Aftermath event!!!

I wish you the best :four_leaf_clover:

Ha, you always say that and in the end you do participate…and finish in dominator. :wink:

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Hacker :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Wasn’t planning on this, but

Thank God this one seems to be 3 days long. Good luck to all


It’s groundhog day.



Nice :clap:
But I’m surely skipping it…but I think for all who play it’s good, that it’s a 3 day tournament!
I’m looking forward to complete my first Tournament Aftermath event :smiley:


I don’t understand these tournaments sometimes… I reliably faced higher ferocity teams in Survivor league (max level stegoceratops) as compared with Dominator. And for perspective, I’m currently at ~500 points in tournament - so have been in Dominator for a fair few battles now. I just don’t get it.

There seems to be an element to tournaments where if you come with a team the AI thinks is way too low for the level you are at, essentially phoning it in, it compensates in the other direction by giving you an absurdly strong team and stomps you to death in retaliation. That could explain why you might have seen higher AFS in a lower level than in Dominator. But also there hasn’t been much action on the tournament so far, which always seems to result in fairly easy teams in Dominator.