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Troodon's Park Progress: Updates throughout 2022

This is a new thread focused on my lineup’s progress in 2022.

I will be building up my lineup ferocity in the months to come. Expect a ton of updates and a ton of upgrades too. :wink:


Here’s some things I am doing this year.

Number 1: Maxing Tournaments
Joining the lineup are max tournaments one by one. I am already making plans for whom I’ll be maxing, so here they are:

  1. Tsintaosaurus
  2. Pachyrhinosaurus
  3. Kentrosaurus
  4. Kaprosuchus Gen 2
  5. Yutyrannus.

Number 2: Full Troodon paddock
I am more towards the Jurassic side of dinos. And although Dime is good for tournament runs, he doesn’t give that feeling. So why not a full Troodon paddock ? For every one Dime I can buy maybe 5 Troodons on discount ? Stay tuned :wink:

Number 3: Level 30 Pterosaur army
I’m not maxing any tournament pterosaurs because the ones I have now are great glass cannons. I’ll be making copies of 30 Darwin and Arambourginia for my lineup.

Number 4: Mystery Shybrid

Somehow this year, I’ll be creating one of the legendary shybrids. Let me see how bored I am lol

Thanks for reading ! Stay tuned for more info on these upcoming projects :sauropod:


I has question. Why max some Tourney Dinos while keeping the Pterosaurs at L30?

And maxing your Troodon paddock, I’d be interested in seeing screenshots when it’s done :wink:

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They are glass cannons and the reason I’m keeping them at 30 is because they can do tons of damage with advantage, especially Aram. I have Tapes at the top so I don’t need so many Pteros.

The tournaments I’m maxing are mostly herbs because I lack herbs at the top. Only 4 Monostegotops.

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Last Sunday I bought a ton of things with the discount.

1 Kaprosuchus Gen 2, 1 Troodon, 1 Nundagosaurus, 2 Ophiacomimuses, 1 Koolasuchus.