Hey Ludia, sorry if this post seems like a mess, I’m not super good at writing stuff like this, but that’s besides the point. I’m really curious about your plans on weither or not you are going to add Troodons into jurassic world alive?

If you guys were to add them, I would really love to see Troodon Pectinodon in the game (the one from Jurassic park the game) I know it’s most likely not going to happen because you guys probably don’t have permission to use the Designs, but it would be really cool to see these little guys running around the place.
I’d suggest them being night spawns for obvious reasons. I’m not sure about the attacks, maybe some kind of wound attack or even a paralysing attack.

I would really love to see these freaky Dino’s in the game, and even if you guys can’t make them like the jurassic park versions, still seeing Troodons would be a blast!Troodon


If they did add then I hope they would introduce a packing system for them. Like you dart 1 Troodon but you have like 5 to use in battle. They count as one dinosaur but work as a pack. Maybe give them a low attack stat but they have a move which hits out once for every pack member

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I would love to see a pack of Compys (Compsognathus) as a new dino, like 50 of them and they would swarm over the other dino for attack, lol.

When they take damage the pack would reduce in number.