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Trophie dropping


I’m in arena two sitting at 510 trophies and occasionaly I run into people with level 12 trex and level 9 volicraptors I get three zeroed all the time these people and it’s getting frustrating. (My highest level is 5)


I think this is serious flaw in the game mechanics. I totally understand why high ppl want to lose tropies and drop lower arenas. To get certain dna or at least a much better chance for it. But for low lvl players to meet end game epics and legendarys or raptors 5-10 lvl higher that sweep 3 - 0… kinda takes the fun out of arena. Im curious what Ludia team think about this themself. Is this how they had it intended?


Honestly, I haven’t seen a trex in a while when I am out hunting and it’s frustrating. This is the only way I can get the DNA and it sucks. However, I use my lowest dinos in Arena 1 so I don’t ruin the game for other people. Even when I do want to win matches, I will keep using these to keep it fair.


Farming Trex DNA is essential at somepoint when you reach certain level so dropping is needed. Time is also essential! So getting wiped out quickly aont so bad especially since you need to lose to stay there so next game you would win


We need a button to concede battle.