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Trophies 5501 to 5499. Why? Angry

Dear LUDIA. Im that you dont mind who plays you would give asssistence. I writer on mondey without any feedback or reply. I repeat it sunday i made the record of 5501 trophies. Monday i receveid the reward of 3000 of the titan boa. Therefore above 5500 trophie. Instad started the new season i find myself with 5499 trophies. Why? And sinceramente monday that i have not fought. Can you Fix everything,thanks.

When the season ends, everyone who had a trophy count above 5500 is reset down to 5499 as part of the seasonal reset.

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Ok. Bit knew nothing of all this. You mean that who is at 6000 or 7000 trophey send him down to 5499???

Yes. And it’s been that way for months.

You can read all about it here in the following thread. This was introduced in June 2019, so we’ve had this feature for almost a year.

Ok. Thank you for the clarification.thank you very much.