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Trophies after 4500 suck

Hey everyone! Why in the battle (After 4500 trophies) I lose 34 trophies if I lose, and I win just 10-19 trophies if I win? That’s frustrating! For every Battle I lose I have to win 2 or 3 battles for earning what I lost…

I repeat: frustrating! exactly that stupid dracoceratopous that now all players use for give you the mortal hit easily also you have the dinosaurs stronger…

It’s a sort of bypass about Speed boost…

Do opponents have the speedest dinosaurs?

Well, get an hit and change with that stupid dinosaur called dracoceratopous!

Dracoceratopous is abused by all cuz It doesn’t really matter if you have the speedest dinosaurs…

Well, about the dracoceratopous you Will do nothing like before, but what can you tell me about the system of rewards about the number of trophies after the 4500?


As I see it, two reasons:

  • The trophy math overweights the trophy count:boosted team strength ratio, probably because the boosted team strength calculation fails to properly consider speed boosts (and attack boosts)
  • We’re in a transition period, where the number of former underdogs with low trophy counts exceeds the base of people who steadily progressed their teams to reach the own trophy levels. It’ll eventually normalize, and those of us who spent modest amounts of money and immodest amounts of grind time will settle-in to a new +/- trophy bracket.

And, in typing that last point, I’m reminded that it might be time to quit. Because I could barely tolerate playing a game that thought Dracoceratops was an acceptable element of the game; now that boosts are back again, this game is becoming more of an irritation than anything now that they have decided to move the goalposts.

Boosts are a way of leveling-up your team for a fraction of the cost of leveling-up pre-1.7 (whether in time or money). And that fraction is, what, 1/50th? Less than that? So, all of a sudden, players who previously had lower-level dinos, can’t or won’t spend the time grinding, or the money on incubators, have a major shortcut to power.


Hi everyone! I think there’s no convenience now making a battle when you arrive at 4500 trophies!
If you lose, you lose 34 trophies, if you win you earn just 10 of It! And then, everytime you lose you have to win 3 next Battle for recover all the trophies you lost.


Tell me something about that…

I’m not an expert, but hover slightly above that. Level 24-5s boosted are stronger than some of my 27-9s so when I lose, I’m losing a lot of trophies. If I face a team with the same average the win/loss is more even. Basically higher level teams are being punished more which is completely wrong.


Didn’t I answer your same question on this eight hours ago?

Sorry, but I didn’t undestand if you agree with me or not on the previous answer that you got me :rofl::rofl:

You agree with me! Good! I wanna earn like the others level… It’s not good BEING punished cause you have dinosaurs with higher level and then you must earn just 10 trophies and the players have lower level they can earn more trophies…

That’s frustrating! Today, I was at 4780, I lost 6 matches and I am 4538 now… I won 3 times and I earned 10 trophies everytime…



Yeah, I admit it was a somewhat unclear answer. Yes, I agree with you wholeheartedly, on both the poorly designed points/trophies calculations, and on the wretched little parasite that is Dracoceratops. I experience the same thing; drop 100 points in two minutes to underdogs with boosted teams; face a third underdog, win the match, and gain back only 10. This game is very broken, even after yesterday’s patch.

To answer your question as to “why,” it’s because they’re trying to reward underdog victories better in 1.7 than in 1.6, by factoring-in team strength AND trophy level rather than just trophy level (which it was before). This is a GREAT idea and I’ve been calling for a change for months, but they’ve unfortunately failed at the factoring. Badly. Specifically, they clearly haven’t put a high enough factor on the stats for boosted dinos, so the “underdog” wins over you are given WAY too many points. Also, since it’s a total team strength factor, if the opponent has an underleveled dino on the team along with three OP dinos (like a 160 speed, 2,500 attack Thor, a boosted Tryko, and boosted Magna), they get MORE underdog credit than they should. It’s, again, a decent concept

To get nerdy about it, based on my results, I suspect they’re giving a linear weighting to attack boosts in team strength calcs, which is flawed because criticals are non-linear (i.e. a boost is 5% gain, but a boosted crit is a 10% gain). This is all made spectacularly worse by how powerful speed boosts are, since you set up not one but MANY scenarios where a player can have a super-mega-boosted starting dino that takes out entire teams (e.g. boosted Magna can take out an entire team, while Thor can one-shot an entire team before someone even gets a hit in). Then you add the element of the idiotic Dracoceratops, which is probably only weighted on its stats alone, rather than stats + some swap-in factor, and you end up with the unjust points system we now have, losing 50 points to overboosted dinos with strategically-weak team members, and/or players with lower trophy counts, then gaining 10 when you beat the same “underdog” player.

I’ll happily give 50 points to an underdog opponent who wins based on a) outhinking me on dinos like Dioraja and Tryko; b) judicious swaps, and c) overall move timing. Not so for Mega-Thor/Mega-Magna, and anyone with Draco, regardless of their level, or skill, or wit.

Good idea; bad design.


Why would it only be Aviary that is suffering this trophy issue?

Honest question, I am just wondering.

I am in Marshes with a level 22.5 average team. Low is 21 magna, high 26 Monolometrodon, 5 level 22, 1 level 23. No boosts on any. I face opponents with 17 to 20 average, boosted for the most part to whatever free boosts will get them.

My matches are within ± 200 Trophies, most are within ± 100. Yes, there might have been a few outside of 200 and I just did not check when they were there. Win/loss trophies are all within ±5 of 30. Many are 27 to 33 and I do not remember any outside of that ± 5 range.

What would be so different about Aviary matches? Could it be just fewer available users that fit matching criteria? Why would the larger search range make a difference? Is it still within 450 trophies? With boosts being reset it is not that users up there are boosted heavier than in Marshes. Well, it could because fewer players down here would be spending to boost. Ok, so that is a valid possibility, higher boosts cause the mismatches.

Just thought I would add what match making are in a lower arena.

Avairy is a mess right now cause higher level 27-30 teams got nocked down to 4700ish by equal/higher level boosted teams… now when they fight the lower leveled boosted teams they only get 10 on a win 50 on a loss… and rng means even if they go 4-1 they still loose trophies.

Add to that technically anyone in avairy can be matched up from 4300-9000… the 450 rule doesnt apply to anyone at 4500 and up… which doesnt make sense but thats what Ludia said without ever clarifying.


At the 4000 mark, I loose 29 trophy’s and gain 31. I was at 4000, lost 2 matches, then won 2 matches and ended up at 4004.

The other day i went 2-3 and gained 30 trophies… someone with a higher level team at my trophy range can go 3-2 and still end up losing 70 trophies.

I think that sums up whats wrong with avairy in a nutshell.


So we can now confirm it is isolated to 4500 and above.

Not entirely during my 2-3 day the guy i took 50 trophies from was at 4300… punishment for running a 29 suchotator apparently. I was at 4800 at the time.

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They have to do this to keep the top players from leveling up to “Kingdom Come” and end up so far up there is no one to match with for lack of players that high.

But they just increased the trophy cap from 6500 to 9000… and made it so anyone between 4300-9000 can be matched… kinda a moot point based on those changes.

As I am trying to get a comfortable amount of trophy’s above the 4000 mark if possible for the 4 boosts thing, I see I don’t want to climb past 4500. As of the last couple days, I’m just getting past the 4000 mark but still falling into the 3900. Battles are pretty even-steven right now and I used all my bought boosts I could with a few to spare if I find one of my dino’s could use a little more edge.

Not 4500… 4300 is the point you wanna be under anyone at 4300 can be matched at those in avairy…

Going by trophy count only had its quirks, but seemed better than how things are now. Eliminating count from the equation and going by levels and boosts could work although I don’t see how when their unable to figure out more simple things.

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Looking at things now, the trophy count system would still work because players will get to their place based on their team strength.

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