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Trophies always award less, take more

So this might be the real reason there’s a traffic jam down at the Library and Aviary - the trophy system seems to be busted. I know others have mentioned this before, I’m just posting my own experience.

The idea is that beating a team more powerful than yours results in more trophies. Likewise, losing to one results in less trophies being lost. So… How did I lose 36 trophies to this team?

My team | Opponent’s team
Lv26 Unique | Lv30 Unique
Lv23 Unique | Lv28 Unique
Lv23 Unique | Lv26 Unique
Lv22 Unique | Lv25 Unique
Lv26 Legendary | Lv24 Unique
Lv25 Legendary | Lv22 Unique
Lv23 Legendary | Lv24 Legendary
Lv20 Legendary | Lv23 Legendary

I know someone will shout out “boosts, Delta, BOOSTS”. But here’s the thing - after checking out their profile, it appears they had more than me, they were just poorly allocated (that being said, two of their main boosted powerhouses were selected for that match). Their highest score was over 200 points higher than my highest.

Finally, the next two matches were against people with roughly the same amount of boosts as me, but still higher leveled dinos. I beat them, and guess what? I get a measly 20 trophies for it.

How is anyone meant to progress when the trophy system is set up with this system? You need to win 2 matches for every match lost. People who should be higher keep getting pushed back thanks to this. Please fix this.

Fully, fully agreed. Trophy calculation in this game is downright absurd, and it has been a problem for a while. In fact, it’s pretty much the top complaint in my Discord group (now that Draco is less of a problem). There isn’t a day that goes by that there isn’t a post about terrible trophy losses/awards (I think the calculus is so flawed that I complain about imbalance in both my losses AND wins). You may recall that the game tried to improve trophies in the middle of last year, including expanding the collar 10-50 points per win/loss (or was it even wider?), but that caused an uproar because players felt that matchmaking based on team strength was the primary problem, and those bad matchups were the source of the unfairness of the game (with trophy calc just a derivative of bad matchmaking), but IMO that was flawed causality. It was, not bad matchups making the game feel unfair, but the trophy allocation calculation being so completely wrong. So they reverted to matchmaking that we have now, with a mix of team strength & trophies determining matchups, with team weight declining to zero as a player reaches the upper leagues.

And trophies are still messed up.

There are a couple of things that were and are flawed about trophy calculations, including:

  • “Team strength” should have been more relative than it was; meaning, it calculated your strength of 8 vs. the opponent’s strength of 8, which works for matchmaking, but is totally flawed when it comes to trophies calculated after discrete matches. For matches, trophies should always be calculated based on the relative strength of the 4v4, not the players’ teams of 8, or total trophies.
  • The trophy calculation grossly underweighted the significance of relative speed in matchups, and that remains a problem to this day. We all know what it’s like to face a team where not one of your team of 4 is faster than the opponents’ team of 4, and how it is often mathematically almost impossible to win such a match, but trophy awards/losses never appropriately reflected how devastating speed differentials can be.

I, for one, really liked the broader trophy win/loss range, at least in concept, as it allowed for great underdog wins and losses. The execution, though, was poor, because trophy calcs. I fully understand the rationale behind trophy-based matchmaking, as your trophy count should be the result of your team strength and skill over multiple trials, especially if you battle a lot. But the problem is that there were (and are) so many lopsided losses where trophies are awarded based on overall ranking. Roll one match with your slowest dinos, including two dumb theropods who are easily distracted, against a faster team of distractors several levels lower than yours with attack boosts, and you’re down 40 points. It could take you ten matches to recover that 10 points (i.e. the 10 points above the base 30), because in that time, you roll against the player with the infuriating 145-speed, 3,063-Attack Thor (“a fun way to customize dinos,” they said… I’m actually facing TWO such 3,063-Attack Thors in upper-Depot/lower-Shores)…and, somehow, you lose 33 points despite making only one hit.

I agree.

I’ve been down about 200 trophies, and it’s starting to frustrate me. I’m in library, so it’s based solely on trophies and not team strength. But thanks to this awful system, far too often I see unbalanced matches. I just battled someone with a heavily boosted level 30 Magna - why on earth were they not higher?