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Trophies awarded/ lost completely bugged

There has got to be something wrong with the trophy counts. Multiple times I’ve lost to a team consisting of dinos 2-3 levels higher than mine and boosted, and I’ve lost 40 trophies. Yet when I win against a team of dino’s at the same level as mine or even 1-2 levels higher, I only gain about 24. I don’t understand why this is happening, it wasn’t like this a week ago. Anyone else having the same issue?

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To me matchmaker seems oddly flipped. I hardly beat someone’s lvl 24 boosted Thor and their super boosted 22 Draco and a Tryko that was lvl 22 boosted while my team has mostly legendaries, 1 unique and 1 rare? 29 trophies. I beat some lower level, lower boosted team? 33 trophies even though it was a walk in the park.