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Trophies continuously being set to 0

I’m a long time player and I understand that trophies are set to “0” until you play a battle in the new season. However for the past couple days since the new Alanqa season every time I start the game in the alliance menu it shows my trophy count as 0. This is isolated to just the alliance menu, if I view my trophy count in the leaderboard it does show the proper amount.
Anyone else having this issue??

My alliance menu shows my correct rank. I shows 0 for lots of the members but i’m assuming they have not battled yet since the season reset.

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Yeah it shows the correct number of trophies for the majority of my members for as far as I know and I have now asked them what it says my trophy count is from their point of view.
Playing a battle temporarily fixes the issue and it shows my correct trophy count but then once I restart the game it reverts back to 0

So according to my alliance they view my trophy count as what it should be so it seems to just be a problem with my game, will live with it for now and see if it fixes itself

It’s not just you, I have exactly the same problem!