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Trophies do not add up

I think there is something wrong with the trophy count in the arena. How can winning 10 and losing 50 all the time be fair…

By any chance did he swap between his last 2 dino’s Constant ? iv’e noticed that if you kill 2 there dino they hot swap between there last 2 dino and it will be 10 trophies every time. If they don’t hot swap last 2 dino’s they seem to reward full points i’m 99% sure that’s whats happening. I always get 10 trophies if they hot swap between last 2 dino’s.

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That explains a lot!! I’ve noticed this idiotic behaviour as well. Just another bug they’re exploiting because they can’t handle their defeat?? That’s sooo pathetic if that’s the case.

Yes its really stupid keep a eye on it and please post back if you find this to be the same.