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Trophies for Tournament

Long time listener. First time caller.

Can someone enlighten me please on how trophies are calculated?

Welcome @Steve_Lydell, that’s a tough one.
To be honest I never paid too much attention if there’s a pattern behind the calculation.
Well, it’s an algorithm so there’s a pattern for sure.
Actually I’m tracing all my trophies in tournaments. I hope to find an pattern of average trophies per fight somewhere in the future but it’s too early for that.

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It seems that when I have an over strength team in th early stages I only get 20 points
And then later when scratching for trophies (i’m lucky to finish in the 90’s dominator - but that’s enough right!!!) if I fluke a win against an over powered team I can get like 35 trophies.

Is there a weighting for being underpowered?

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I don’t know the specific formula but it’s based on the comparison between your teams ferocity and your opponent’s ferocity. From there it ranges between 40 and 20 trophies


Yes, but not much. If you’re too underpowered, the game punishes you by giving you opponents of ridiculously high ferocity (think level 20-something Pachygalosaurus).

I wouldn’t worry about the trophies too much. Like you, most of my wins early on are only for 20 trophies because my dinosaurs are so much higher than the computer’s at lower leagues. I don’t care. It’s not worth the time it takes to fish around to find the ideal ferocity team for each level. Besides, it lets me have fun with some of my dinosaurs I typically don’t use much because they’re my mid-level dinosaurs.

I find that most of my matches in Dominator earn about 31 trophies. I typically bring creatures with around 700-1000 damage and 2500-3000 health to these fights (level 25-30 VIP creatures, level 30-40 super rare hybrids, and level 20 legendary hybrids).

Hope this answer and many of the others are helpful.


This video gives some insights into the various leagues and approximate trophies you get at different ferocity matchups:

My other tournament videos do the same.