Trophies in battle mode

Members of my guild are all reporting that trophies in battle mode are messed up right now. They are getting 10 points for a win and 50 for every loss regardless of opponents trophy count. Anyone else having this problem?

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It’s been like that for 2 days for me.
I was close to the next League but I’m now almost down back to the previous one!
It’s already annoying that normally trophies are not awarded in regards to an opponent’s power, now this is just ridiculous!

It worked the other way round for me… 50 for a win. A few in my guild are now into the next league we could not get too before with only 10 to 20 trophy wins.

Same issue for me and a couple of guild members… losing 50 trophies but winning only 10 for a win

That is no fun.

Started like 2 to 3 days ago.

It’s odd because for bot kills I was getting 15 now it’s 5 and with my team that is about 11.5k “power” I’m only facing players and bots with 13k or higher. Also when I face a player and lose its only 10pts but every win against a player I get 50 or more with fire bonus

Is that you Douglas? :wink: