Trophies Not Being Counted


I just won 4 matches, and I checked my trophy count, and it did not change from 2663 to the amount it should be. Has anybody else been having this issue? I also won a few this morning (before Strike Events was we’re temporarily removed) and it counted those, but now (after Strike Events were added back) it doesn’t say I won those trophies. Has anybody else been having this issue??


Hey Kit_Kat, thanks for reporting this. Try force closing and rebooting the game and see if the trophies get credited to your account. If the issue persists, reach out to our support team at with your support key so they can take a closer look at your account.


Thanks for responding so quickly! I did force close and reopen the game, they were not added, so I contacted support, but I did a battle and it did add those trophies to my score but not the ones I got earlier.