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Trophies per battle


I’ve been only getting 14 trophies per win for battles is that correct? Thought it was supposed to be more…?


im not sure how it works but sometimes i’ll lose 40 odd trophys but only gain 15 for winning… seems random


It’s not random it depends on the trophy level of your opponent. 30 trophy loss or gain means you were around equalnteophy count. Less then 30 means you were above the player in trophy count. For example if you beat someone and got 14 trophies you were much higher ranked than they were. If you lose to someone a lot higher than you you may only lose 1 trophy if they were much higher ranked then you. However if you lose to someone ranked lower than you, you can lose up to 60 trophies I believe is the max. Not fun, but RNG happens.

Also side note trophy count has nothing to do with the strength of the team as arena droppers or players on bad RNG streaks can appear much lower with a very high leveled team than they should have.


I know the logic of it but it really sucks sometimes; won 3 battles yesterday for 14, 14 and 16 trophies and then lost a really close match for a loss of 45 … 3-1 and a net loss of 1 trophy :rage:


System is very flawed. I don’t agree with it, but yeah that’s how it works. I’ve been in the same boat won 3 easy battles and then lost one and end up at the same trophy count.


A few days ago I won an arena battle and got ZERO trophy.
Still I got the incubator.


Don’t think I’ve ever had that!


I got my first 0 last night and have gotten a few 1’s. The system seems very broken.


That’s really nonsense that you get for win 0, like in battles with bots. Minimum in this system should be 1 for a win. However this needs a change. They could use similar system like it’s for fusions. For win 10, 20, 30, 40. Still wouldn’t solve all problems, but at least would be little better.


That was my first time getting 0 trophy from a battle.
Was I battling with a bot?


0 is supposed to be from battling a Bot/AI.

The formula for how many trophies you get/lose is a step-wise function of the difference between your trophy count and your opponent’s trophy count before the match starts.

Beat someone who’s trophy count is +/-9 from yours and you get 30 trophies, while they lose 30 trophies.

Beat someone with 10-19 trophies more than you and you get 31 trophies and they lose 31.
Beat someone with 10-19 trophies less than you and you get 29 trophies and they lose 29.

It steps up or down one trophy for each 10 trophy wide range…

Trophy difference : won if you start lower : won if you start higher
0-9 : 30 : 30
10-19 : 31 : 29
20-29 : 32 : 28
30-39 : 33 : 27
And so on…


It seems to be even more broken than I thought then :thinking:


At the beginning of last tournament I fought 3 battles, two of which I lost trophies when I won. I sent all the info to support and they compensated me with some dino bucks.


Hey there, @Frizzle, if you think you are not receiving enough trophies from your victories in battle, our support team would be glad to take a closer look for you! Reach out to them at, including your support key and any relevant screenshots that you might have. It would also be extremely helpful if you can remember at what time these battles took place. Thanks!


hopefully this new tournament will have that: highest trophy count will determine your rewards and not where you are at when the timer reaches 0 :smiley:

I mean one can dream and we had a poll about this after the last tournament so …


i had exacly this yesterday


Sorry to bump this thread, but would really like explanation or a fix. 3 wins to make up for 1 loss is not right. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: