Trophies System - On What Planet Is This Fair?

long time that i don’t care for trophies and don’t pay attention to those numbers after my arena battles.

but just tonight i figured i was 5120 and tried one more batte to get about 150.

i won and hey! +23 trophies. against a similar team.

let’s try one more than…
so i lost… for a similar team again.

and i saw a -40 number. i thought WHAT??

well, let’s keep trying. i won, but hey! got +27.
next i lost: -33
next i won: +29
next lost: -35

after a dozen battles i ended down to aviary again.

how is that thing fair? every victory i got less trophies than defeats. and i realized i only got that 5120/5143 because i won a few consecutive battles. if i lose, the punishment is severe.



Yup it’s really bad atm. I keep winning 28-31 against lvl 28-30 boosted teams and losing 35-41 from them. Someone messed up the reward code (again). Oh and my highest is lvl 27 (tier 2)

Library? Any arena above Aviary is trophy based

this is why i call The Bridge. the place between team+trophy aviary and trophy library arenas.
4999, team score and trophies.
5000, trophies.
win-loose-win-loose… aviary-library-aviary-library = The Bridge.

i wonder how many people is there with me.

but results calculation for me is a nightmare, if we lose more than earn. such a punitive system.

players requested for team based matchmaking so this is Ludia’s idea.

The calculation for your team versus your opponent. So using the " wrong" creature or having boosted 1 creature a certai. way makes your team stronger in theory than it actually is.

then we all complained a lot about bad matches and ludia made adjustments…
until completely removal of score calc but just for league.
but what about the bridge?

well, but this is for matching players, right? how win/lose trophies transfer system are calculated? it’s different calc for league arenas?

They really need to calculate trophies taking into consideration your opponent’s high score. The other day I got slaughtered by some Level 30 boosted guy. He had a way higher season score than me and I lost 40 points. GG. Similarly, losing to a deranker you had no chance of beating should not rob all your points. I have no problem with the matchmaking though. That should be done purely by trophy count.