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Trophies to level comparison

I’m curious what do you think the max trophy range is for each level. Do you think it’s possible for a level 10 to get 5k trophies?

No. Your team is what gets you those trophies, your team level is arguably tied to player level.

On a second thought, if a new player spent hundreds of thousands of dollars then they might only be level 10 after getting some uniques.

But generally, no.

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Let me rephrase the question what trophy count is normal for X player level?

Are there any Level 10 players with 5000 trophies?

What do you think the highest trophy count is for each player level?

No way to know.


It’s not that simple. It’s based on your team. Your team is more determinate of what your trophies will look like. If you’re level 20 but field level 1 commons you’ll be in Arena 1 or 2. Similarly, if you’re level 1 and somehow have all lvl 30 uniques you’ll place in Aviary if you know how to battle.

For a level 10 it’s just impossible. Just look at how stacked top teams are, you need to approach this to enter the club. And to approach this you need to create dinos, level up hybrids and so on. All these actions give you XP and raise your level way after 10.

If you want to check this, go through every player in the top 500 and check their level. If you find a level 10 or below, post it (with the name hidden)

ok so what do you think the highest possible trophy count is at each player level?

It really depends on the player. When I first started playing this game I levelled everything because I thought player level was more important. Now I know it is better to just focus on specific dinos that make the hybrids, ect. So I got to player level 20 pretty quickly and I am still not even close to 5000 trophies. I have also battled level 17 and 18 players with higher level dinos than me because they were probably smarter with their resources.

BUT, as others have mentioned you gain more xp for creating higher level dinos (such as uniques) and you need higher level dinos to compete in the top of the leaderboard. So while there isn’t a hard cap on what the highest trophy count a player level can be, you should be seeing similarly levelled players around the same range. If there is a major gap (player level 5 or 6 leveles below their opponents with a better team) there is probably another issue there.

I don’t know, too many parameters.

Imagine if tomorrow a new update hits and it buffs 8 commons to crazy level. If so a team with those 8 could reach 5k trophies without being 20 probably.

Levels in this game are not linked with ranks or trophies and that’s why we can’t make a Link between them.

I’m a lvl nine at 2200 trophies, as of now. Level 10 many around 2700?

5k trophies for lvl 10 is impossible