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Trophies unbalance


So I just played 4 matches in a row. Was defeated the first time and lost 41 trophies. Won the second and got 26 trophies, so i had to play again to try to get my trophies back and lost the 3rd to lose 38 trophies. And i had to try to get those trophies back and played again and won to only get 29 trophies. What is the logic behind that?


I thought maybe amount of trophies you won or lost was based on the trophies your opponent has, but it’s not cause 3 of the 4 have more trophies than me.


The logic behind that is when you win against a stronger (read : with more trophies) opponent than you you win more trophies. If you crush someone with less trophies you win less trophies.

It’s logic : a win VS a stronger opponent is supposed to be harder. And same you lose a lot of trophies when you lose to someone far behind you


It’s not based on that cause 3 of the 4 has over 4000, and the other one was at the same amount as me.


That’s probably because the number of trophies displayed in recent opponent list is sometimes wrong.
If you are in the top 500 you can easily check it. And sometimes there’s a difference of more than 100 trophies.