Trophies - What are they good for?

Other than bragging rights and a minuscule higher amount of xp, is there any reason to collect high trophies?

They Are used as a rough measure of how successful your party is in comparison to others. This is how matchmaking is determined.

There is no significant reason to amass high trophy counts.
Many players intentionally tank their trophy counts to generate matches against easier opponents.

I would suggest it is beneficial to discontinue improving one’s trophy count once the minimum count required to compete in PvP events has been achieved. Players who have avoided higher counts have reported Battle Mode is easy (although they need to tank many battles to maintain the low count) and PvP Events are quick and simple.

Currently I keep my count below 4000 trophies to avoid constant battles against Uber-bots. Had I been aware of the trophy count algorithms and mechanics earlier, I would never have gone above 2500 trophies.

But we all acknowledge that matchmaking is broken.

That’s generally my thinking as well, although being likely lower lvlv than your team, i keep my count around 2 k.

The problem is, i like the tougher matchups in the battle arena. It is fun to be really challenged, but the matching for events becomes unwinnable for me and turns the challenge to frustration.

I think the devs should use trophies, but also develop a ‘power rating’ type system based on gear and lvl. They could use those together with the trophies to make a better system for events.

My buddy and I started game at same time. I am way more active than he is, especially in battles. He is behind me in hero levels, but not by much. Last 4 test of might events, I have lost first 3 battles of the 2nd tier, when losses first start counting. He has cruised to getting all the Silverhand weapons. When your game rewards and/or incentives not playing your game, maybe reconsider your design.

It’s just there for the bragging rights and, I suppose, better chests?
Tanking the rank to have easier matches is basically losing to win. Seems pointless.
That might be different in events, but still.