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Trophies your Defense team loses increased!?

I still think that you should lose a set number of trophies no matter who defeats your Defense team. But this season so far is even worse, I am losing in the twenties every time (except once when it was 17). @Marcus @Ned can you explain how these trophy losses are calculated? Why am I losing a much higher amount than last season (I am aware that revenge attacks for some reason mean you lose a higher amount, but virtually all mine are not revenges).
I lose more with my Defense team than my attack team wins - seems rather unbalanced to me - even on a win streak of 5 I am barely winning more trophies per attack than my Defense team loses per Defense.

It has to do with the ranking.

When you are in Bronze or higher its more difficult to win or lose trophies (only 15 each attack/defense when you fight someone of the same trophy lvl and there is no win streak)

But below copper you win and lose a bit more trophies (i think its normally 20 per attack/defense when there is no win streak).

Ok. Thanks for explanation. Doesn’t quite seem fair, I don’t seem to be winning more trophies than when I was at a higher level, but I’m certainly losing more in Defense!

What I experienced is that I’m losing much more trophies if someone below my range attacks me - just like I’m at 1000 trophies and am attacked and defeated by someone with 800 trophies and this will lead to a loss of 30+ trophies. I lose much less trophies if someone in my league attacks me. Seems fair to me though.

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The short answer is that you’re not spending enough runes for defense. Get those store numbers up, is the only way to have fun any more.