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Trophy calculation

Can you change the way you calculate trophies? Bc of your boost debacle I fell from the top 50 out of the top 500. Now it is impossible to get back up. Most of my battles give me 10 trophies. Every 5th or so battles I lose due to RNG and lose 50 trophies. It is impossible to get back up to decent level.

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You’re probably a victim of a bug - which I and quite a few members of my alliance are encountering.

I filed a bug report, check it out and check your game, if it applies to you as well:

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I wrote to customer service about this but for them everything is normal, yet they are unable to justify the lost points ratio. I may have taken all the screen shots I wanted (opponent’s team level, rating) but they did’nt listen and maintain that we, the players, don’t understand anything. Strangely enough, everything was working well before May 14th…