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Trophy calculations

I’ve experienced the same situation as OP (also posted about it several times). I keep dropping lower after winning more battles than I lose against lower level but highly boosted teams with higher trophy counts because each loss costs me 50 and wins give me only 10 trophies.

I would prefer bots but haven’t been offered the AI option (currently I’m in lower Aviary… before 1.7 I had 600+ more trophies).

Thanks for reporting this OP, you’re not alone! I used to love the PVP but it has become a nightmare.


I realize it’s only Tuesday, but anyone taking a look at this issue? Quite a few threads with people experiencing the same thing. @Ned @Jorge @John

Hey Somedinoguy, there is some more information on Trophy distribution from our FAQ here:

However, if you still have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact our support team here at with your support key, and our team can take a closer look. Thanks!

I went 2 losses and 5 wins and I still lost 35 trophies this morning …
+10 X 5
its really garbage I lost the -50 trophies to a boosted lvl 30 indo that dodged me 6x. I got shut out 3-0 and still lost 50 trophies. I only have one lvl 30 on my team btw and its a rare.


Yeah i dont care how you try to break it down, its not a good system and the old system is ACTUALLY better as far as trophy distribution, you lose to someone lower than you? Lose alot of trophies. You lose to someone higher than you? Lose few trophies. You can’t sit here and say its fair or its just an issue higher up because even people in lockdown are experiencing it. The highest dino on my team is a lvl 30 tany. My next highest is a 25 erlidom, 24 tryko, 24 thor, 24 indo, 24 tragod, 23 dilorach, 23 allosino. I have my boosts distributed pretty evenly with higher boosts put into tany, erlidom, and tryko. I am constantly fighting teams of all 27+ dinos or all lvl 30 dinos that are all boosted. I have lost 50 trophies to these teams that are 400-600 trophies higher to me. That makes absolutely NO sense especially in your “new and improved” matchmaking system. Its even further worsened by the fact that you can be at 5500 trophies and fight someone at 4400 trophies, that too makes NO sense. I battle all day just to end up lower in trophies than where i started even with a 70% win rate? Thats ridiculous. Absolutely NO ONE wants to fight your crappy RNG to finally pull a victory to get 10 trophies then get obliterated by a team they shouldn’t have been put against to begin with so they can lose 50 trophies. So i manage to get 5 wins in a row and get 50 some odd trophies, then i lose 2 matches and im now -50 from where i started. So now i have to battle your hugely luck based system to win 10 matches just to get back to where i was? Myself and people in my alliance who were 5k+ trophies constantly are struggling to stay above 4500 trophies right now and its not because we keep losing constantly, its because your reward/punishment system for trophies is 1/5 ratio. One of my members was constantly in the top 500 and for the past week he was stuck in lockwood. He managed to get out and is barely staying afloat. It makes me even more mad because i WANTED a matchmaking system where it matched you more fairly but this? This is NOT it. You guys need to fix this broken matchmaking system or put it back to the way it was because it isn’t fair to anyone.


Hi @Ned, thanks for the response. While I do understand the theory of how the calculations are made, what I’m suggesting is that the algorithm needs some tweaking. Those of us with high team strength are punished drastically for each and every loss. If I lose just one game, it wipes out 5 wins. There are many, many threads (including this one) here with other top users experiencing the same. Here are but a few examples:

This is my team:

In order to me to actually make any ground on trophies, you’re basically asking I never lose. With the amount of RNG built in, that’s impossible. Please read the room and realize the current system penalizes the most dedicated players out there and our frustration grows with each battle.


I’ll share this feedback with our team.


Thanks @Ned, I really do appreciate it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about trophy count as much as it is that I feel terrible for all the teams that I go up that don’t have a chance. It’s not fun for them, and it’s not fun for me.


I was just saying this in another forum. I am by no means anywhere near endgame but I lost 50 and 35 trophies and then won 10 five times. All of the teams seem to be equal to me give or take a few. This morning my team was 30 suchotator, 29 tragodistis, 28 thoradolosaur, 26 procerathomimus, 27 indoraptor, 24 tryostronix, 22Trykosaurus, 27 stegodeus. I only have 1 tier 6 boost the rest are 5 or 4.

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Please ask them until they can thoroughly research this issue and rework it is it possible to give us back the previous trophy algorithm (pre-1.7)? It was so much fairer. If I won more than I lost my trophy count always increased!

Thank you.

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Adding a link to yet another thread re. the same issue: It's finally time to say goodbye to this game

This new trophy calculation for win/lose is broken. I just got swept by level 30 Indo and lost 50 points. My highest level Dino is 24. How does this make sense?

This is his profile.

What does your team look like, out of curiosity?

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@Somedinoguy hon… I have pretty much exactly the same team as you and :100: feel your pain. This is awful.

Previously a top 50 team…


Under 5000 trophies with this team because it’s 10 for a win and more for a loss… just a BOG. And just smashed some dude…

I feel bad! All for WHAT?

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Oh, I’m well aware of your team @ResearchGirl, we battle all the time! Well, we used to before this whole mess! :smile:

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I know, lol, this was more of a desperate shout out. Help!

Another disgusted update… I just lost 150 trophies in 3 battles. I won 2 for 10 each after. All the teams except for maybe one of the wins looked almost exactly the same to me. I am just outraged. I used to be in the 4800-5000 range and my team was worse…now I can barely get above 4700… I took me 2 days to climb back from 4560 to 4750 in about 15 battles and then in just three I’m back where I started. I dont even know what to do anymore and the best part is no one cares at all. This was the best game and now its just a stress inducing game of Russian roulette. Thanks a lot Ludia.

Don’t worry; all we gotta do is win 100 in a row and we’ll be back on track!

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