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Trophy count keeps resetting (help needed)

Hi Everyone,

Each time I log-on my trophy count on the alliance list reads “0.” Meanwhile, it has my highest score wrong beneath that. However, on the leaderboard my trophy count is correct. Is anybody else experiencing this?



Hi Everyone,

Is anybody else showing 0 trophies in the alliance list? I’m at 5591 and battle often, but after the Google outage today my trophies keep resetting

Hey Duckie, have you participated in a PVP battle since logging in? Let me know if it’s still showing as 0.

Thanks for responding, Ned. It has been odd. My score is currently 5630, as I have been battling. Sometimes it shows my score on the alliance list correctly. At other times it shows other scores 0, 5597, 5558, 5600, etc. It seems to revert back to random previous scores. However, this morning it has been working from what I can tell.