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Trophy cups

hi any explanations please i was playing for a while in 4000/4500 mainly to farm irritator dna for my magna. havnet botherd with last few tournaments and decided to put main team in get to 5000+ cups to get reward then planned to go back to the 4000/4500 (less stressfull arena) lol,it shows me 50th in my clan BELOW players on 0 cups so ive logged out and back in so many times and it then places me on 35th in the clan! then when i do another battle it sets me back to 50th i can usually get circa 5400/5500 cups but only wanted to get to 5000 as i havnt boosted my team yet just cant understand why it wont place me higher any help thanks guys n girls Dinodaddy

I’m having the same issue. I have way more trophies that most everybody in my clan, just got my highest trophy count ever today, have been number two in my clan since almost forever, and now am 18th despite having way more trophies than everyone else, and have 2nd most trophies other than the leader of my alliance. I’ve also logged in and out. Nodda. Must be a bug. I alerted my clan leader to this issues so I’m not accidentally kicked off. Not really worried about my standing, just don’t want to be booted when I’m putting in the work.

Same here. If I go to the Alliance Tab, click on ours, it shows me at the bottom (with 5700+ trophies) BELOW the people with 0.

Same here.

Same and it also shows my wrong team when my profile is clicked. Same goes for recent opponents.

Same here, it’s just another bug :man_facepalming:

lots of players in the clan im in have same problem incl our leader who is no1 ranked in the clan,as long as it doesn’t affect the tournament count its np i’m sure ludia will sort it its only since latest patch, they prob have lots of little issues to sort! as well as this but will be nice when they sort it