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Trophy Distribution in Arena

I don’t care about any other bug or major issue the game has right now.

Prioritize this one.

It took Ludia like 1 1/2 days to fix the instant invincibility bug and honestly, that was a fun mistake. It made the game more balanced.

But This one. The one where you get -40 to the person who ranked #1 in the arena and definitely 500 trophies ahead of you. This is the worst bug yet, and yet it goes untouched.

Please fix it or you’ll continue to see top players leave the game.


The 1000s of timeouts you get searching for matches at the beaches. Don’t care.

The fact that the “collect” button for the free incubator constantly says “collect”. Don’t care.

Getting pink screens in raids & battles. Don’t care.

I won’t even complain about instant invincibility because someone will come in and be like “it should block 2 moves” even though, come on. It shouldn’t. “That mechanic is working properly :nerd_face:” ok sure dude whatever. Don’t care.

Fix. The. Distribution.