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Trophy Distribution in tournaments

I know that support has said that “its being looked into” but this isn’t curing cancer. Its been an issue for months.

I was told it was being looked into weeks ago.

Get it fixed. It honestly can’t be that hard.

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At this rate, bumbling governments will be able to cure Covid19 before Ludia can figure out how to fix the trophy distributions in a key feature that they push really hard.

Glory to my higher power lol. Well said.

If the trophy distribution problem was a slightly questionable post on the forums, they would have fixed it instantly.

Are we talking about losing 40 trophies for a loss and gaining 20 for a win?

Probably so. I still have that issue a lot. I really hope they look into it. Though I doubt the posts such as Dadjokes do much good bc they’re just negative and I feel like the mods and developers shrug those off. Even if they root of the point is valid.

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Its been 30 days and the US is removing stay at home orders.

Trophy distribution however is worse than ever.