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Trophy earnings lowered?


I’m used to a victory netting ~27-33 trophies.
Earlier today I finally won a match over 3800 (Yay!) and got 11 trophies.

Are the trophy earning rates over a certain point significantly lower than normal earned trophy rates?


Im not yet there…but i hope it will not:slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t even pay attention anymore to trophies! Too much stress in the thought of it! If I win I’m happy real happy but now if I lose I am no longer upset about it!

I fight for incubators now! Trophy chasing was making me crazy and hate the game!


I am shuttling in the 4050-4200 range and I get something between 18 - 30 trophies for every win. Loosing however seems to cut more 28-37 trophies.
Frankly, I do not check the trophy addition/reduction that carefully and just play to fill my Incubators.

Edit: Don’t think winning has given me just 11 trophies though.


Trophies earned or lossed depends on how much of a difference between your trophies and your opponents there is. I have gotten or lost as low as 12 and lost or gotten as high as 42.