Trophy Freefall


I’m in freefall at the moment. got up to 3300 Trophies to now go on a massive losing streak to be close to Lockdown again. I have been in Sorna Marshes for weeks. Getting a little fed up with all these freefalls and constant massive losing streaks. My team is decent, so i am thinking its poor battle matching. just needed to vent, thanks.


maybe poor something else? :thinking:


oh it’s often the matchups…i, and many others, have noticed…i am on a 10 battle losing streak because it keeps pitting my lowest animals against ones that are 1500 to 2000 hit points and 3 to 6 levels above me.

it’s like they want us to lose, so we get so frustrated that we start paying.


was on 3800 before the reset now on 4200, seems to be alot more move strategy and not reliance on power when you’re up here, one mistake or wrong move or wrong dino in the wrong order can lose you a battle from the start …which I have extensive experience of I might add… even I lose heart when I encounter a lv28 beast tho lol


It’s mostly the ppl who can’t receive rewards from the tournament are hanging out between 3000 and 4000 trophies to mess with ppl.


pfft. tournaments. i’ll never get to play in one of those…not so long as they require an insanely high 3K in trophies. i can’t even stay above 2000 for more than 2 rounds before some jackwagon with a t rex or better puts me into a trophy dump


Nice job ! What is your team look like ?
It could give help to some players to see how you manage to find your way into the top 500 :+1:


Personally I think anyone who can manage to stay above the 3500 should get something!
Right now I am 3918 so I am expecting my next 3-5 to be losses due to RNG! Every time I get past 3900 everything goes in the potty!


the indoraptor is definetley not needed for the team as to be fair most of his attacks are successful because of RNG, but because of all the raptors I had to dart you gotta see something for your efforts lol, I could change a couple for better options , like the rexy but shes cool and i loved the 1st movie where she comes into her own and I like the utahsinoraptor but I never see any sinos to get her on the team, I’m wondering if ankyclodon would be decent levelled up as got tonnes of her


Your team seems well-balanced.

I still prefer Indominus over rexy because I find it more versatile and capable to solo more dino.
Indoraptor is needed in my opinion between its speed and its raw damage it’s a good finisher (and can 1v1 any dino minus mono).

And I’m seeing you’re working towards the magna, maybe you’ll get it before me :hugs:


can’t wait to get it, looks like a beast! hard to get the DNA for irritator tho isn’t it and then it’s heartbreaking when you just get 10 on a fuse lol… I notice when you battle they mix up the teams alot so this way there’s always a dino that can nullify and/or break shields somehow… I’m just grabbing all the other DNA now ready for the next update and more hybrids :blush: hopefully battle you in the arena :wink::+1:


For what I’ve seen so far it’s a beast ! Can’t wait too…

And we probably battle together, I remember a team with pirry 19 and monostego 20 so maybe it was you :smile:


Same here, it is like they’re deliberately keeping us below the 4 :smile: