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Trophy loss


I’m suggesting that your battle trophies only go up and not down for losses, but please let me explain my reasons.

I do love the unpredictable nature of such things as, Critical Strikes, Stuns, Dodging etc etc but their very nature makes it unpredictable as to how you or your opponent will perform.

Additionally, I also like the random selection of 4 of your team, but this also leads to a possible imbalance in a match.

But my biggest issue isn’t necessarily with the randomness of performance but more with the loss of connection. I know that I lose connection randomly as do friends and family that play. This seems to happen disproportionately when I’m battling.

I really do like the randomness of play but not how it effects your progress.

Losing trophies for reasons beyond your playing abilities should not be punished…


That wouldn’t be possible 'cause the main system of tournaments is based on trophies going up and down. And it would forbid players to go down Arenas on purpose… Some of us like to stay around an area that’s not too hard, just for a quick win to collect Incubators.