Trophy point removed!

How is It possible that i often win a game i find whit trophy points removed instead of added? It,s absurd i loose 300 trophy point …i’ m a vip players but i’ m not renewing my subscription!!!

Out of all of the grievances that folks have with the game, I’m fairly certain that you’re just mistaken and complaining here (based upon all of your prior posts). Although I can only speak to my personal experience, Ludia has never “gotten the math wrong”.

If it’s happening to you “often”, yet no one else is experiencing it at all, or posting about a known problem - I suggest a calculator. But then again who knows…maybe it’s a real issue, in which case file an in-game ticket and explain what happened rather than just threatening a cancellation. If you’re right then they will take care of it and likely compensate you to boot.


There is a bug in game where if you are in the arena waiting for opponent it is possible to have a duplicate group created that you don’t control. I usually have it happen to me a few times a season. It happens to me most if I’m hitting the ‘wait’ button. I believe what causes it is latency in internet connection. So you are waiting…waiting… for opponent… latency happens… your crew finds match but it doesn’t register on your end. You continue looking but you have a duplicate group fighting someone. Your duplicate group will just act like a disconnected crew. Now you are still waiting and can get matched with your crew that you actually control. So both fights can be going on simultaneously. I have finished fights, relogged and been able to finish the duplicate fight. Sometimes you catch it happening and log on to someone hacking your crew down. Sometimes the game will prompt you that something is wrong and that you need to relog.

Hasn’t happened to me yet this season but I’m barely in arena anymore since game update. Too busy grinding PvE. Usually though I’m in the arena hitting the ‘Wait’ button constantly so I believe this bug has affected me more than most.

@Jackviaggiante Not sure if this is the case with your trophy loss but there a good chance this is what’s causing it.

It used to upset me as well to lose trophies for literally no reason. Now my crew is so high lvl that losing trophies is meaningless.



You’re favorite “feature” Green:) It’s happened to me once this season since the update that I was aware of. Probably have played 2 games where I suspect the other side was ghosting or had a connection error.


@Jackviaggiante, it is unfortunate some have chosen to question the veracity of your unfortunate experience. I agree It seems likely you are experiencing the ‘double matchmaking’ bug. There are a few threads on this topic including the one I have tagged below.

Loss of trophy points for no reason

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Wasn’t fully aware of this issue, but that’s a nasty bug. I judged based on previous posts and that was wrong. I still stand by sending an in-game ticket too though. Maybe they’ll actually work on it if they continue to see how often it recurs… wishful thinking right?